We currently have 6 open positions:
Elusive Main (Only german)
- Second SMG

Elusive Blue (Only german)
- Second SMG

Elusive FIFA
- 4 additional players (gold 1 to elite)

You have competitive experience (e.g. GB), good english skills and good aim + movement? You have the opportunity to play a lot and are able to take critisism? Then apply now at or DM us at Instagram Elusive Gaming
Welcome to Elusive Gamings new web page!
Welcome to our new website, we hope you like it! Here you will get all the new information about Elusive Gaming!

Please mind, that there is no mobile version at the moment, but it is in progress! Thank you for your understanding!
Today Cookie steped back from playing actively for the team for personal reasons. He will assist us from time to time tough. We wish him all the best and hope, that some day we can welcome him back to the team!

It is not decided, who will take over Cookie's position in the squad as for now. We will update you, as soon as we found a fourth player.
DeSBL vs Ghosts F-G-A
season game ghosts fga
DeSBL Season Challange #2 T32 vs Ghosts F-G-A
scores fga
Killchain by Skipper iV
We are happy to announce the rosters of the two german teams!

Elusive Gaming:
- Revox iV
- Rise iV
- Cookie iV
- Skipper iV

Elusive Blue:
- Floruss iV
- Fleer iV
- Nitrex iV
- Reptain iV
Today Rise iV will advance to the position of the CoLeader of Elusive Gaming! He will displace the current CoLeaders.

We are looking forward to a great future and assistance by him.
New Sponsor!
We are happy to announce our new sponsor: Gamers Only! We are looking forward to a great collaboration with them. Special thanks to Floruss, Revox and the CEO of Gamers Only for making this possible!

gamers only