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Beginning with the next console generation, we will build teams on the XBOX Series X, as well as on the Playstation 5! We are searching for new members on both platforms, if you are interested apply at

Who are we?
We play Gamebattles matches (4vs4 CDL-Variant) and in the Deutsche eSport Bundesliga (DeSBL) and need additional members on each platform to fill up our squads. Besides that we compete at tournaments and leagues and allways want to come out on top. We offer a motivated team, consisting of six members, that trains on a regular basis, several times a week.

What do we expect from you?
If you are a motivated, over 18 years old and an over average player, who wants to team up with a motivated team and compete in Call of Duty eSports, you are the right person. We expect courtesy and reliability from each of our members. You do not have to have experience in competitive Call of Duty, we will train you to become a important part of the team.

NOTE: At the moment we are only searching for european players, who can speak german, as our ingame communication is only german. Thank you for your understanding.



We welcome XMe iV to Elusive Gaming. Our team now consists of six players.

XMe iV personal Logo



  • Leader: Revox
  • CoLeader: Fleer
  • Recruiting: BlinKy


28.11.2020 Captain Delta joins the team
28.11.2020 Ventura joins the team
22.11.2020 CUP | Elusive Gaming - Top 16
22.11.2020 CUP | Elusive Gaming 0:2 Necro Gaming
21.11.2020 CUP | Elusive Gaming 40:0 Finest Gamer Alliance
21.11.2020 CUP | Elusive Gaming 40:0 Ohama
21.11.2020 CUP | Elusive Gaming 10:30 Rogue
21.11.2020 CUP | Elusive Gaming 17:23 SypheX
19.11.2020 Scrim | Elusive Gaming 3:0 MiSFiTz Gaming
16.11.2020 Psomi joins the team
27.10.2020 Hydra Cup | Elusive Gaming 0:1 Team vZ eSports
27.10.2020 Hydra Cup | Elusive Gaming 0:2 Black Criminal Penguins
26.10.2020 XMe joins the team
25.10.2020 Scrim | Elusive Gaming 5:2 Unverbindlich Gaming
09.10.2020 Floruss joins the team
30.09.2020 BlinKy becomes the Recruiter of Elusive Gaming
30.09.2020 FruitxBomB leaves the team
23.09.2020 Scrim | Elusive Gaming 3:0 Senior Gaming Community
17.09.2020 BlinKy joins the team
??.09.2020 Go live of the Elusive Gaming web-domain
08.09.2020 FruitxBomB joins the team
31.08.2020 Wampo joins the team
21.08.2020 FleeR joins the team
18.08.2020 Revox founds Elusive Gaming